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20 sachet x 15g in box

Vitamin & Mineral supplement

  • Includes portion of vitamins and minerals,
  • Large portion of B vitamins,
  • Supplemented with plant extracts, citrus bioflavonoids and coenzyme Q10.


VITAL BOX CrossTrec is a vitamin-mineral supplement forming part of the CrossTrec innovative product line, designed for people who prefer intensive functional training, including high-performance athletes.

Advanced vitamin-mineral complex Essential nutrients composition dedicated for active people. Supplements group B vitamins, antioxidants, folic acid and Coenzyme Q10 Rich in revitalizing plant extracts (guarana, citrus fruits, ginseng) CROSSTREC VITAL BOX is an advanced nutritional formulation containing easily digestible forms of vitamins and minerals that are very important in supplementation of athletes’ diets. Strenuous workouts dramatically increase the demand for these essential nutrients and can cause them to become deficient. CROSSTREC VITAL BOX contains added revitalizing extracts of Guarana, 2 species of Ginseng, and is also rich in natural antioxidants, citrus bioflavonoids extracts and coenzyme Q10.

Recommended daily portion is 15 g (1 sachet).

HOW TO USE: Dissolve the recommended daily portion of the product ‒ 15 g (1 sachet) in 300 ml of water using a shaker. Take preferably immediately after a meal. Do not use more than 3 months.