Our story began in 2001. It was then that combination of passion for sports, energy and enthusiasm in action inspired us to create a unique company.

Our idea is not only produces the highest quality nutrition for athletes, but it is also a company that motivates others to be active.

Each of us is a drop, but together we make an ocean

Stable development and current position of Trec Nutrition is a result of hundreds of people working for it.
Since the beginning we value individuality - we support active and creative people that have common interests with us.
Connection of the passion for sport's and work is one of the most important factors in our company's development. 

The champions' fellowship

Important people on our road are the players, both those who have titles, as well as amateurs with outstanding skills. We support them because we see ourselves in them, because we want to achieve better results. They are our driving force, our inspiration to create better products and a reason to be satisfied.

Trec team athletics

The early days of our business were associated with the bodybuilding community, and practitioners of this kind of physical activity are still very strongly represented among our customers. But as the years passed, more and more athletes from various other sporting fields began to appreciate our products. We are now associated with nearly 200 athletes from multiple disciplines, living in 25 countries. Among them are Olympic champions, world champions, as well as regional champions. Athletes on the Trec Team have one thing in common – they’re all complete sporting fanatics.